• "I would like to thank Ih Cape Town for the beautiful time. I had the possibility to get to know amazing people from diff ..."
    Marie Ritter
  • "I am able to say that I'm a better person because of Ih Cape Town. Ih Cape Town offered me the opportunity to meet new p ..."
    Elizabeth Djanie Badjoko-Wa-Lileko
  • "Ih Cape Town is an amazing English school. It’s location in Sea Point makes it a safe place, with a safe surrounding. ..."
    Salmah Hani H. Sait
  • "I really improve my conversation and my English level. I met a lot of new friends. I am delighted about the school and t ..."
    Carlos Climent
  • "Ih is an amazing school. The teachers do their best to make sure that we students learn the language in a way that we wo ..."
    Milena Silva
  • "I had a great time at IH! I made some friends and I would love to stay for more time. It was absolutely amazing and I ho ..."
    Rebeca Lanziloti
  • "I had the best moment of my life in IH Cape Town. I’m going to miss you guys. "
    Lucia Elisa Benza Tito
  • "International House Cape Town is the best English school I have ever been at. People here are very nice and friendly. Th ..."
    Tulinda Nangueve Paulo Ventura
  • "Thank you for everybody: for my classmates, my teachers. I think the school is like my home. I learned a lot and it’s ..."
    Amna Ali Abdulsalam Ashour
  • "It was a great experience to learn English at IH Cape Town! I really loved it. The people are kind and very nice! "
    Nivia Aniele Oliveira
  • "I have really been enjoying my time at IH Cape Town and I can definitely recommend it to everyone who wants to improve h ..."
    Markus Gidon Pelikan
  • "I really like the atmosphere of the school and all the teachers are really friendly. I have the feeling that I’ve trav ..."
    Ghazal Rahmanianhaghighi
  • "Firstly I would like to thank Charnel, my teacher for her great dedication to me. Also thank to all my classmates and sp ..."
    Jose Miguel Campos Naches
  • "I had a great time at IH Cape Town. It was very fascinating for me, because I felt very welcome. I’d like to come back ..."
  • "I am first to thank my teacher for his efforts because when I arrived, I knew nothing in English. Thanks to him, I start ..."
  • "Cape Town is probably one of the best places in the world to do an English Course and IH Cape Town was a great choice. I ..."
  • "The time that I spent at IH Cape Town was pretty amazing. The teachers are ready to help you and they really won’t to ..."
  • "I would recommend IH Cape Town because it has good accommodation, teachers, structure and the location is better. At IH ..."
  • "The teachers are really competent and friendly, the accommodation is in really good condition and the entire team is ava ..."
  • "At school I met amazing people, met a new culture and improved my English. It was a wonderful and unforgettable experien ..."
  • "I had a great time in Cape Town. The city is awesome; there are lots of things to do and to visit. IH Cape Town is a gre ..."
  • "IH Cape Town has excellent teachers, I like them because they are so friendly and they have the skills to make you under ..."
    Abdullah Qasem Abdullah Al-Batati
  • "The possibility to meet people of many African countries is very profitable. The school is well organized. The audience ..."
    Aldo Gasperotti
  • "In Ih Cape Town I received much love from everyone and I'm proud of what I've learned and the people I've met. Thanks fo ..."
    Lorena Jarillo Pena
  • "Ih Cape Town help me to learn English. I say thank you, because today I can speak, write and read in English. Thank you ..."
    Prefina J. Belgrace Gassongo Sow
  • "I highly recommend IH Cape Town to those who are seeking a serious and competent academy for preparing for any English o ..."
    Alba Madrid
  • "I would like to thank the teachers. The teachers are very dedicated. I will tell my friends that the school is excellent ..."
    Gustavo Araujo
  • "I appreciate the help of everyone the whole time I was here. In particular my teacher Kai. Special thanks to Candice who ..."
    Liliane Millan
  • "It was a pleasure to study here, I liked it very much. The staff, the structure, my classmates, I'm thankful for all. My ..."
    Suellen Barcelos
  • "A good school to improve English language in a short time period. Has got good teachers and methodologies ways of teachi ..."
    Ernesto Pedro Chianga
  • "Firstly I have to say thank you God for this amazing opportunity and also be grateful to all Ih Cape Town staff. It was ..."
    Edemir Patricio Barroso Samuel
  • "My experience at IH Cape Town was absolutely amazing. Here I found all the prerequisites that I was looking for. There i ..."
    Oswaldo Caleffi de Lara
  • "I spent a wonderful time and learned a lot more than English. I've made amazing friends and owe it all to IH! "
  • "Study in IH was very good. The teachers are very qualified and the school has an excellent structure. Interacted with pe ..."
    Andre Barcelos
  • "I met people from other countries, i felt like a teenager at 62 years old. The choice of the country South Africa was ex ..."
    Rosangela Maria De Martin Da Silva
  • "It was very interesting to live with students from many countries and trying to understand the different accents. Beside ..."
    Neusa Maria Gomida Baptista
  • "The school is located in one of the best places in Cape Town! Between the sea and mountains. It's easy to meet people in ..."
    Brahim Benlarbi
  • "Hi, my name is Melissa and I'm from Switzerland. I had an amazing time here in Cape Town! The beautiful landscape and su ..."
  • "I'm here for 3 months now , i really enjoy in this school because there is great teachers and i met many friends from di ..."
  • "I was a short time at IH, But all this time was special, I learned English, I met new people, I visited many places. Al ..."
  • "After 4 months in IH, I can say that it has been the English immersion experience I was looking for. I couldn't have cho ..."
  • " IH Cape Town is an excellent school for learning English. Located between the magic sea and the mysterious Table Mount ..."
  • "I would like to thank all of you for helping me to improve my English and I.H. is one of the best English school. Thank ..."
  • "I’m leaving now more confident. The time wasn’t enough to speak well but I improved my listening (now I can understa ..."
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International House Cape Town (IH Cape Town) is part of the International House World Organisation (www.ihworld.com/)...

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El Ih Cape Town es un centro dedicado a la realización de exámenes de suficiencia ELP registrado ante las autoridades de la aviación South African Civil Aviation Authorities y, por lo tanto...

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